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Last week, the Hon. Monte McNaughton, Ontario’s Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development announced it will invest $43 million in additional funding in youth training programs to increase awareness about the career opportunities that exist in the Skilled Trades.

The Minister also appointed three Youth Advisors whose roles will be to “…engage with youth, educators, business, parents and other key partners as well as the Minister of Labour Training and Skills Development on how to reduce stigma and make the trades a viable first choice for young people.”

The Youth Advisors are:

HRAI is well known to all three new Youth Advisors, having worked with Green as part of HRAI’s participation in Skills Ontario’s annual Competitions and with Pariser and Melnick in various consultations related to skilled trades issues in the province.

Over the past year and beyond, HRAI has consistently requested more support from the provincial government in the association’s efforts to attract more youth and more women into the HVACR sector.  HRAI views this announcement as a positive step but will also continue to advocate for additional space and funding for HVACR courses at secondary schools, and for a long overdue overhaul of the governance system for trades and apprenticeship in Ontario.

HRAI looks forward to engaging with the newly appointed Youth Advisors to represent the perspective and needs of the HVACR sector.

For more information please contact Dorothy McCabe, Government Relations Specialist, Ontario at 905-602-4700 ext 274 or by email at dmccabe@hrai.ca.