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On November 5th, Ontario Minister of Finance Rod Philips tabled the government’s proposed 2020-2021 budget.  The budget contained a number of tax measures designed to assist small business owners.  Of particular interest to HRAI members are the following:

  • Reduction in Business and Education Tax rate and Property Tax rate:  Starting January 1, 2021, the BET rate for more than 200,000 employers in Ontario will be reduced. In some communities, this could mean a reduction of up to 30% for many businesses.  Overall, the government projects that this measure will save the small business community approximately $450 million.
  • Employer Health Tax: when the pandemic began, the government increased the exemption from the Employer Health Tax to $1 million – meaning businesses would temporarily no longer have to pay EHT on the first million dollars of their payroll. Budget 2020 makes this exemption permanent, effectively exempting about 90% of Ontario businesses from paying EHT.
  • Commercial and Industrial Electricity Prices:  The government plans to save industrial and commercial ratepayers an average of 14% to 16% on their electricity bills by directly funding continued costs of existing energy contracts. At a cost of $1.3 billion over three years, the government is prioritizing lower electricity rates as a key competitive factor in the Province’s economic recovery.

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