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Embraced by the Green Party of Ontario

HRAI is pleased that Mike Schreiner, MPP, Guelph and Green Party of Ontario leader listened to the recent recommendations we made to the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs.  HRAI is calling on the provincial and federal governments to create a Building Retrofit Program in particular to assist the commercial HVACR sector to help spur Ontario and Canada’s economic recovery.

Today, MPP Schreiner echoed that call during a press conference, where he laid out the GPO’s Economic Recovery plan.  

As HRAI outlined in our submissions, we are urging the provincial and federal governments to use the recovery efforts strategically to help the HVACR sector, and the economy in general to rebound to address the need to reduce carbon emissions, to increase energy efficiency and to reduce energy costs.

As we outlined, investing in a Home and Building Retrofit program will stimulate economic investment and job growth while reducing energy costs and carbon emissions.

HRAI remains committed to working with the all levels of government, all political parties and stakeholders to help bring the economy back to full health, in a safe and responsible fashion.

For more information, contact Dorothy McCabe, Government Relations Specialist -- Ontario, at dmccabe@hrai.ca, or call 905-602-4700 ext. 274.