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HRAI thanks members in Ontario who took the time to complete HRAI’s recent survey on the administration of trades and apprenticeships in the province.  Results are being reviewed and will be reported in more detail soon.  At a high level, members clearly indicated that over the past two years there have been few improvements to administrative processes (renewal of licenses, certifications and registration of apprentices).  With respect to training and access to seats at colleges, members were clear that changes are necessary.  In particular, they noted that there is a need for:

  • more part-time (evenings/weekend) training opportunities,
  • earlier communications when courses are available, and
  • a need for the college training system to consider the seasonal realities of the building and HVACR trades when scheduling courses.

Some members stated that the HVACR industry as well needs to ‘step up’ and offer more apprenticeship spaces for those wanting to get into the field.

Once all the data have been analyzed, HRAI will draw on the findings to inform its approach in upcoming consultations with the Skilled Trades Panel and with the provincial Youth Advisors.


If you have questions, please contact Dorothy McCabe, at 1-800-267-2231 or 1-905-602-4700 ext. 274 or via email at dmccabe@hrai.ca.