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As previously reported, HRAI has been in discussions with the Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services regarding proposed amendments to the Consumer Protection Act that will introduce Administrative Penalties to help enforce compliance with direct contract rules.

On June 23, HRAI appeared before the Standing Committee on General Government to provide input regarding the proposed amendments.  This input was informed by comments from a group of HRAI’s Ontario member contractors.  In sum, members are generally pleased with the idea of administrative penalties as they introduce some ‘teeth’ to make the regulations previously worked out with industry work more effectively. But with the addition of these penalties, the specifics around how direct contracts are framed becomes critically important, and members want to see some changes that will make the regulations more consistent with best industry practice.  Also, members have concerns that the introduction of administrative penalties should be accompanied by provisions for due process and appeals, to protect contractors in cases where penalties may be imposed unfairly.

A copy of HRAI’s submission can be found HERE.

For more information, contact Dorothy McCabe, Government Relations Specialist -- Ontario, at dmccabe@hrai.ca, or call 905-602-4700 ext. 274.