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HRAI staff and members continue to meet with elected representatives and their staff to discuss legislative and regulatory priorities of the membership.  Most recently, Marie Li-Ying, Honeywell Limited Fluorine Products and Matt Soyka, Nutemp Mechanical Systems, joined Dorothy McCabe, HRAI, for a meeting with Mississauga Erin Mills MPP, Sheref Sabawy.

HRAI thanks these members for taking time from their busy schedules to participate in these meetings.

In addition to providing background information about HRAI, the HVACR sector and their companies, discussions focused on the following requests:

  1. HOME AND BUILDING RETROFIT PROGRAM: HRAI recommends that the Ontario government partner with the federal government to invest in a Home and Building Retrofit Program that will stimulate economic investment, job growth and reduce energy costs.  A program of this type could be leveraged to address concerns about the health and safety of indoor air environments in buildings across Ontario, while reducing energy use and carbon emissions, and it would stimulate economic growth and investment, resulting in well-paid employment opportunities in all corners of the province.
  2. REGULATORY ISSUES:  HRAI recommends that the Government of Ontario pro-actively address the regulatory alignment issues agreed to at the Regulatory Cooperation Table under the Canada Free Trade Agreement.  Doing so will reduce regulatory burden for business owners in Ontario and across Canada and interprovincial barriers to economic trade and labour mobility.

These meetings are valuable opportunities to educate MPPs about the HVACR sector and HRAI, while building relationships to advance members’ issues.  If you would like to book a meeting with your local MPP, please contact Dorothy McCabe, Government Relations Specialist, Ontario, at dmccabe@hrai.ca, or call 905-602-4700 ext 274.