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Last October, HRAI established an Expert Advisory Panel on Indoor Air Quality in Commercial and Institutional Buildings.  The committee, chaired by Joe Muchynski, Arvin Air Systems, has a mandate to offer unbiased, evidence-based thought leadership regarding the role of HVAC systems in the spread or containment of harmful diseases like COVID-19. The Advisory Council will disseminate evidence-based information and advice where appropriate to the public, building operators, business owners and government decision-makers to help guide the maintenance of healthy and well-functioning indoor environments to support learning, working and leisure activities for Canadians.

Taking schools as a first priority, the committee prepared a guidance document (click here) for school boards and educational authorities to take into account when making investment decisions related to maintaining or improving indoor air quality in school buildings.  HRAI has reached out to school boards and Ministries of Education across the country and will be following up as necessary to ensure that decisions concerning ventilation and IAQ in schools are informed by the best available information. 

To help commercial contractors to provide the best possible advice, the committee also invited Dr. Jeffry Siegel to present a webinar on January 26th on how to provide practical advice to customers concerning the role of HVAC in relation to COVID.

The committee will focus its next communications initiative on the needs of the commercial property management sector.

For more information, contact Martin Luymes at 416-453-5899 0or email mluymes@hrai.ca.