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On August 20th, Martin Luymes, VP, Government & Stakeholder Relations, and Dorothy McCabe, Government Relations Specialist – Ontario, presented to the Ontario government’s Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs.  This was a second appearance before the committee, which is now focused on addressing the impacts of COVID-19 on small and medium businesses.

HRAI used this opportunity to provide an update on a variety of issues facing the HVACR sector and to make several requests to help the provincial government chart a pathway to economic recovery.

Once again, HRAI reminded the all-party committee members that, in light of public concerns about the possible role of ventilation in spreading the virus to contend with, the HVACR industry is the sector to consult with regarding ventilation in buildings. HRAI has been clear since the onset of the pandemic, the industry will engage as needed with relevant provincial ministries on technical matters and appropriate guidelines relating to the indoor environmental conditions of homes and buildings. 

HRAI shared with the committee that it will be launching an Advisory Council of experts and thought leaders from across the sector in order to ensure we have clear guidance, standards, and guidelines regarding safely re-opening schools, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings.

HRAI urged the provincial and the federal government to use the recovery efforts strategically to help the HVACR sector, and the economy in general to rebound, and to address the need to reduce carbon emissions, to increase energy efficiency and to reduce energy costs.

More specifically, HRAI asked the provincial government to:

  • Address issues regarding the delays in the renewal of licenses and certifications of existing workers,
  • Invest in a Home and Building Retrofits program which will stimulate economic investment and job growth while reducing energy costs and carbon emissions, and
  • Resume discussions regarding issues surrounding skills training, governance, and regulation – i.e. the next iteration of the Ontario College of Trades.

The full submission can be found here.

HRAI remains committed to working with the government to help bring the economy back to full health, in a safe and responsible fashion. 

For more information, contact Dorothy McCabe, Government Relations Specialist -- Ontario, at dmccabe@hrai.ca, or call 905-602-4700 ext. 274.