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From the dismal summer season last year to full throttle this season – its been a helluva ride. More than one operator has uttered “There are worse things than being busy”, but you really can have too much of a good thing. As the industry struggles with the adjustment – your association struggles too.

As you may know, HAC has been contracting for convention venues at least three years in advance. Our convention and trade show expanded to a point where there are very few venues with Conference and nearby Hotel facilities that can accommodate our needs – at least until last year … We had a contract to hold our 2021 event in Vancouver again however, the uncertainties around surges, vaccine distribution, differing Provincial health restrictions and new variants have all proven to make a face-to-face convention, even more risky than normal.   Fortunately, HAC was able to exit from both our 2020 and 2021 Convention and Hotel contacts without penalty, and your Board and I have decided to hold a second consecutive virtual conference. “Things can always be worse” has been a phrase that has resonated in my mind more than once. A roughly 25% reduction in Operator and Associate membership levels (which have historically generated 50% of HAC’s Annual revenue) and the absence of a face-to-face convention (which has historically generated the other 50% of HAC’s annual revenue) in 2020 has driven HAC to contemplate the potential that we could have held a face-to-face conference in 2021 – but we would run the risk of a significant loss, if we were forced to cancel, or deliver a conference at a loss in this economic climate. HAC recently sold its office condo to supplement it’s reserve funds, to weather the pandemic-storm. A face-to-face convention was simply too unpredictable, and a high stakes game with the viability of the association at stake. Instead the Board and I have decided to hold another virtual convention November 22-24 2021, even in the face of some pent-up demand for a face-to-face meeting from operators and Associates. Stay tuned for more details.  Soon, armed with the latest public health information, your Board will be considering the earliest opportunity for HAC to meet the demand for face-to-face contact under circumstances where the health and welfare of our members – and the financial health and welfare of HAC can both be protected. 

Please take note of our New Mailing Address

Helicopter Association of Canada
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