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The Helicopter Association of Canada is searching for an Executive Director to lead Canada’s commercial helicopter industry. 

The candidate must have experience in the Canadian aviation industry and a sound understanding of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs). Strong, bilingual French and English written and oral advocacy skills would be an asset. Excellent interpersonal skills that enable them to unite a diverse industry segment. Strong organizational skills are essential together with experience in sales and marketing. Previous association business and lobbyist experience would be beneficial. Tasks could include but not be limited to; Convention Planning, Administrative Tasks, Consultations with Transport Canada and other industry stakeholders, Governance-Related Tasks and involvement at board meetings and on committees - both HAC’s and with other industry groups. Member Contact/Communications, Speaking and presenting as required.  Competitive salary and benefits. Please forward your CV to barb.priestley@h-a-c.ca by August 31 2021.