Smart Display

Smart display is behavioural advertising

Smart Display re-targets your niche audience entering and leaving websites or physical locations of interest, searching online and those visiting your website. With these tactics, we identify individuals showing behaviour that match your prospect profile. Smart Display is behavioural advertising that allows you to find the right prospects in real time and advertise to them at the right time almost anywhere online!

"The increase in exposure has been a huge benefit to our company. The campaign results achieved from the Smart Display program has been much higher than traditional digital advertising. We expect to be moving more of our budget to this type of advertising in the future." – Robert Marshall (AXYZ International)

Why use Smart Display?

Smart Display has proven to increase brand lift by up to 400 per cent! The goal of Smart Display campaigns is to increase the awareness of your brand to your target audience at the right time. Smart Display is known to increase organic site traffic, increase page views, and increase the amount of time prospects spend on your website. These are just a few of the ways we help you measure success of the campaign and show how targeting the right prospects and the right time leads to success. Our campaign CTRs are on average four times higher than traditional advertising. Our team is ready to tailor a Smart Display campaign for you today!

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