Events/Tradeshows: An extremely powerful marketing tool for associations

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Events offer members the opportunity to discover new products and services within their industry, and the ability to interact with other association members, vendors, potential strategic partners and/or advertisers in one place.

With each event, MediaEdge determines and creates the following:

  • The primary purpose for the event  accompanied by goals and objectives
  • A written plan – a guiding document to allow for ideas, goals, objectives and budgets to be detailed and clear to everyone involved
  • A proper venue  ensuring well-organized space and layout
  • Good flow – attention must be paid to how and when things occur
  • Engaging content – provide information most valued by attendees
  • Targeted marketing – to promote the event to members and vendors
  • Continuity – enhancing your association brand through every element from décor to entertainment to key-note speakers and vendors
  • An opportunity to repeat – unless the event is a grand opening, all events will be designed with repeatability and expandability in mind for future growth

MediaEdge has a proven track record for creating successful events with innovative concepts, promotions and execution style.

Contact Chuck Nervick, Senior Vice President, for your next event

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