Content Distribution

Hitting the mark with an E-News Brief

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A MediaEdge E-News Brief will connect your business directly to an association’s members on a regular basis. This targeted advertising opportunity puts your business in the mix of industry-related news, trends and analysis. Members are continually updated with an E-News Brief so your message will reach a targeted audience with regular frequency.

Have it your way
  • E-News Brief is branded as your publication
  • Content and design inspired by your associations brand
  • Everything gets your seal of approval
Industry-specific sourced content (ISSC)
  • Over 15,000 trusted media outlets for content on your E-News Brief
  • Content targeted specifically for your industries members
  • ISSC makes your association the voice of the industry
Social media enabled
  • Span across multiple social media platforms
  • Integrated with various social media
  • Share your content within their network
Get data

Generate informative reports that include traffic, metrics and open/click rates. Identify trends by evaluating reader’s particular interest in a particular subject.

Engage readers

Direct traffic back to your website and encourage readers to rely and engage with your association on a more regular basis. According to the majority of association executives, email is still ranked as the most effective marketing channel for acquiring new members.

Connect buyers & sellers

Provide industry suppliers a direct way to reach members that purchase products and services.

Keep in touch

Keep in touch and connect with your association members regularly with a blend of Industry Specific Sourced Content (ISSC) and association articles.