The value of quality content

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 By Alison Withers

Customers these days are savvy. In the golden age of internet and endless information, consumers have a thousand options at their fingertips, and the ability to research nearly any industry, product, and company has never been easier. It can often feel overwhelming and near impossible to attract consumers to your brand.

But with a solid web presence and a clear and concise brand, you can carve a place for your business. Add in a programmatic or a social media presence alongside your glittering new SEO-optimized website and you’re almost done. Almost.

So what more could you be doing to boost your brand and attract business?

The answer that many businesses overlook is quality content. Here are three reasons why you should be adding some content to your branding plan.

1) Good content makes your prospects come to you

As a business, it’s good to be the ones with the answers - you’re the experts, after all. When your prospect Googles a question about your industry, you want your site to be where they land. So provide the answer! Consumers will trust you more if your web presence is so valuable that they end up on your website on their own accord.

2) Prospects trust good content

You know that feeling when a co-worker shares a recipe, or a friend lends you the book you’ve had your eye on? It feels good when someone provides you something of value for little personal gain. Prospects will trust your brand and feel good about working with you if they know that you offer smart, engaging content they can peruse at their leisure.

3) Quality content is shareable

If your content is educational, entertaining, or both, readers will want to share it with others. And as studies have shown that referrals from friends and family rank as some of the most important influences on consumer behaviour, with a few good shares, awareness of your brand can grow exponentially. 

Quality content takes a lot of hard work. If you’re looking to add some quality content into your marketing strategy, contact us today!