Pros and Cons of the new Instagram hidden likes feature

Instagram hidden likes2

The new Instagram hidden likes feature has taken the digital world by storm. For those who aren’t aware, Instagram recently implemented a test in Canada that hides the total like count on other users’ posts. Users are still able to see the like count on their own posts, as well as a list of the users who liked a certain post. Regardless of whether the platform is being used as a creative, social or marketing tool for businesses, marketers, influencers or everyday users, there are key pros and cons of the new Instagram hidden likes feature for all users.


For the everyday user, the lack of visibility of Instagram likes takes the pressure off having to create generic content merely for the approval of others. Instead, it encourages the creation of more authentic content. Many users have embraced the new Instagram hidden likes feature and are in favour of not having to post for the sake of likes, as this leads to seeking external validation, low self-esteem, unrealistic expectations about lifestyles and body image, and overall, accounts for various cases of mental illness every year. This, in itself, was the main reason for the test.

For influencers, this takes the focus off of having to meet a certain threshold in order to secure brand deals and partnerships. Marketers and businesses still have the ability to gauge how well posts and accounts perform utilizing other measures, such as impressions, followers and comments, to determine engagement rate. For this reason, we are seeing a shift in the type of content being produced, presenting a fresh feed that is keeping more people interested and engaged with the Instagram platform.


Marketers have been outraged with the fear that the new Instagram hidden likes feature may hinder their impressions and engagement. An increased number of likes/comments/shares on a post also encourages others to engage with the post and the company, fostering community conversation. When this feature is taken away, people are unable to visibly see the impact this post has on their community, discouraging them from engaging with it as well.