Make your audience intelligence count

social media audience intelligence

By Steven Chester

Now that we’ve identified your social media goals, it’s time to figure out which platform is best for you.

Start with the big three: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If your company has a visually-enticing product, consider adding Instagram to your mix as well. Using the search feature, look into each platform and search out industry terms, names of companies you’re interested in, clients, and especially your competitors.

Here are some tips to make that audience intelligence count:

  • Are there lots of active Twitter conversations for your search term? Take a look at those conversations, are you noticing recurring hashtags? Then dig a little deeper, and take note of those hashtags and what they mean – you’ll need them later. 
  • With LinkedIn, search out companies and check out what’s being said via their profile page. But don’t forget Groups – LinkedIn may have discussion groups related to your business interests with tens of thousands of participants already chiming in. Join the groups and look at the participants – see anyone you want to connect with?
  • If you think Facebook is just a way to connect with friends and see what your teenage niece ate for lunch, think again. Search terms via Facebook will dig up company pages, news feeds, comments from users, photos, places and events, all related to that search term.

Now gauge which platform has the most of the above, then rank which platform(s) deserve the most attention.

Next up, we’ll talk about that all-important content strategy.