Six dos and don’ts for your social media execution

dos donts social media execution

Now that we’ve discussed finding the right platform, audience acquisition and content strategy, it’s finally time to join the party. Here are some dos and don’ts for your social media execution and brand promotion.

  • Do join topical groups on LinkedIn and spread your message across other platforms with hashtags – this is how you expand your reach outside of your followership.
  • Don’t automate. If you’re automating your messages, you’re speaking without listening. This has been cleverly referred to as “mannequin marketing” – would you send a mannequin of yourself to a networking event, with a bunch of post-it note messages stuck to its head?
  • Do ask your audience questions! This is a perfect opportunity to be engaging by creating that essential two-way conversation. Also take note during this time of what your audience is interested in – more food for your next content post.
  • Do share, share, share. Looking to get your posts noticed? Surprise, so is everyone else. Share and credit others for their great work, and they just might one day reciprocate.
  • Don’t over market yourself. A decent guideline is the 80-20 rule: Dedicate 20 per cent of your content to your brand, and 80 per cent should be content that truly interests and engages your audience.
  • Don’t be afraid to outsource. Social media can be daunting, and a massive time suck. There are great agencies out there that can build a content and execution strategy for you around your business and audience needs.