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“Why is my pet so itchy?” It’s a question that every pet owner with a dog or cat with allergies wants to know. They also want to find a solution. The pet owner is on a journey, from understanding why their pet is itchy through to finding a long term solution. Your ability to effectively communicate will increase their likelihood of success and relief for their pet.

This can be a very frustrating time for a pet owner and ensuring you have the right conversations will help you partner with them to find solutions for their pets.

The challenge is determining “how”  to best communicate to pet owners.

Royal Canin believes in supporting veterinary teams through these important conversations with pet owners. We are thrilled to announce new Dermatology E-learning lessons that help you navigate these challenging conversations, through the Royal Canin Academy Consulting Skills Program.

At Royal Canin, we understand your passion for pets and your desire to expand your knowledge to improve the lives of cats and dogs. Effective pet owner communication is the key pillar to successful treatment protocols.  We are pleased to invite you to a new learning experience, designed with real-life scenarios, which are delivered in a way that allows you to tailor your learning experience.

Royal Canin, in partnership with Dialectic (a learning development partner), has created six lessons and various resources for you to use every day. Topics include:

  • Secrets for  Successful Scientific Communication with Dermatology Clients
  • How their pet’s chronic skin problems frustrate owners, and how you can help
  • Manage Adverse Food Reactions better with Great Science

The Royal Canin Academy Dermatology Consulting Skills Program has been designed to provide you with a wide variety of content across a number of current, thought-provoking, easy to implement concepts that can benefit all veterinary practices.

The Royal Canin Academy is available 24-hours a day. It’s rich in content that’s simple to use, engaging, and fully tracked through a personalized dashboard that keeps you up-to-date on every part of your professional learning journey.

Visit: vet.royalcanin.ca

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