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royal canin logo4Have you heard this in clinic: “Yes, we see a hairball here and there, but that’s normal for our little furry cat,” or “Vomiting? Sometimes our four-legged best friend will spit up her last meal. But that’s normal for her.”

The occurrence of the odd hairball, or the occasional episode of vomiting or diarrhea may seem inconsequential to the pet owner, but as veterinary professionals, we know that these can be signs of potentially serious gastrointestinal issues for both cats and dogs. The challenge is determining “how”  to best communicate to our clients that “hairballs, vomiting and diarrhea are never normal”.

Royal Canin believes in supporting veterinary teams through these important conversations. We are thrilled to offer new e-learning lessons in the gastrointestinal category through the Royal Canin Academy Gastrointestinal Consulting Skills Program. At Royal Canin, we understand your passion for pets. We also know that you have a great thirst for knowledge. So we are pleased to welcome you to a new learning experience designed specifically with you in mind and built in a way that lets you decide which, when and where that learning experience will happen.

Royal Canin is taking a three-pronged approach to supporting Registered Veterinary Technicians in the gastrointestinal category:


The veterinary community to value quality gastrointestinal information.


Clinic teams to educate pet owners about gastrointestinal nutrition.


Communication on challenging and often frustrating topics.

Royal Canin, in partnership with Dialectic (a learning development partner), have created eight lessons and various resources for you to use every day. Topics include “An Approach to Client-Centred Care”, “Empowering Client Choice,” and “Bringing It Up: Having the Hairball Talk.”

All eight lessons you’ll find in the Royal Canin Academy Gastrointestinal Consulting Skills Program have been designed to provide you with a wide variety of content across a number of current, thought-provoking, easy to implement concepts that can benefit all veterinary practices.

The Royal Canin Academy is available 24-hours a day. It’s rich in content that’s simple to use, engaging, and fully tracked through a personalized dashboard that keeps you up-to-date on every part of your professional learning journey.

Join us!