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Founded in 1990, Veterinary Focus is an online scientific journal for all veterinary team members, including Registered Veterinary Technicians and Technologists, focusing on veterinary practices treating cats and dogs. Published by Royal Canin, Veterinary Focus is available in 10 languages (including French and English) and is distributed in over 50 countries. New articles by independent specialists are published every two weeks. Registration is complimentary for veterinary team members and takes only 3 minutes!

Veterinary Focus is available online at https://vetfocus.royalcanin.com.

The Veterinary Focus website contains not only scientific articles but also includes practise management articles written by state-of-the-art, independent specialists. In addition, short interactive 10-minute E-learning courses are offered to support your continued interest in the animal health profession. NEW this July are videos from prior Royal Canin Veterinary Symposia, featuring international speaker sessions for your viewing pleasure!

Looking for more factual information to share via social media? Many articles are fully accessible to the public and can be shared easily via your veterinary practice’s Facebook page! 

Interested in what articles are available? Here are some of the recent articles and authors:

Guillaume L. Horeau 

Emergency care for kittens 

Meg M. Sleeper and Camden Rouben

How I approach... Heart murmurs in kittens 

Paula Monroe-Aldridge

The cat-friendly practice program 

Pere Mercader

Being friendly to cats… is it worth the effort? 

Elizabeth A. Berliner

Feline infectious peritonitis 

Cyril Berg 

The three-step kitten consultation 

Thomas P. Large and Benjamin T. Blacklock

Ophthalmological conditions in kittens and young cats? 

Dan Thompson

Tritrichomonas foetus in young cats 

Ingrid Johnson 

Feline feeding toys 


Jon Bowen

Feeding behaviour in cats 

Giacomo Biagi

Breed and diet-based disease in dogs

Sally Perea

Lewisburg Pet Health and Nutrition Center

Valerie J. Parker

Vitamin D in canine health

Adam J. Rudinsky

Dietary considerations for dogs with chronic enteropathies

Julia Fritz and Stefanie Handl

The water requirements and drinking habits of cats

Maryanne Murphy and Angela Witzel Rollins 

Grain-free diets – good or bad? 

Jess L. P. Benson and Megan L. Shepherd 

Wet pet food: when is it indicated?

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