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ECNG Energy Group is a longest standing provider of energy management solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional markets.  With more than 30 years in the industry, our holistic approach to end-to-end energy management delivers the highest value to our clients every day.  Our unique combination of services ensure we meet our clients’ Energy Management needs including:

The Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association (ORHMA) is the largest provincial hospitality association in Canada. With over 4,000 members, representing more than 11,000 hotels, restaurants, chains and motel establishments across the province. 

ORHMA has worked with ECNG to create Ontario’s largest hospitality energy program with hundreds of hotels and restaurants. With the market size of this market position, ORHMA members receive virtually every cost saving possible from the supply and transportation communities.

Unlike a retailer who is only concerned with locking you into a fixed gas and/or power deal, ECNG takes a holistic approach to managing our clients’ energy needs. This ensures we are looking after your best interests including but not limited to:

  • Procurement strategies that include recommendations which consider the spectrum of products including index and fixed price options.
  • Conservation and Demand Management assistance including rebate application.
  • Regulatory review, consultation and intervention.
  • Web based reporting which is electronically connected with each utility in the province.

In addition, at no point does ECNG or ORHMA take title to the supply allowing us to pass along all savings achieved by driving costs out of the supply chain.  The aggregated volumes of the ORHMA program allow its members to access wholesale market pricing which would otherwise not be attainable.

Savings will vary based on many factors including but not limited market conditions and alternatives available in the market place. The table below clearly illustrates actual savings for a variety of ORHMA members who joined the electricity program in 2015.

Type of Consumer Annual Consumption kWh Actual Annual Savings
Small-Medium sized Restaurant 200,000 $ 2,200
Limited Service Hotel - 93 Rooms 589,492 $ 6,484
Hotel - 196 Rooms, 2 Pools & Convention Centre 2,424,168 $ 26,665

The ORHMA Energy Program strives to provide cost certainty while leveraging group buying power. Despite a group effort, all energy purchases are fit to your specific situation, budget needs and objectives. Members can expect to receive ongoing support and recommendations which address the ever-changing market and how they align to their unique needs.

This offering is now available to all RMA members and if you have any questions or want further information, please call Fatima Finnegan at ORHMA at 905.361.0268 or 800.668.8906 or ffinnegan@orhma.com