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Special to OWMA News
By Dr. Calvin Lakhan, York University Researcher

The waste wiki is a university-run and operated research project that attempts to bridge the gap between academia, industry and government on issues surrounding waste.

Presently partnered with provincial municipalities and national packaging producers, the “Waste Wiki” is a free, open access platform for data, waste-related literature and analytical tools that is made available to the public.

At present, the Waste Wiki is home to more than 3,500-plus studies on waste, and provides users with the ability to access and interface with data from national stewardship programs for a range of residential and commercial waste streams.

The Waste Wiki is designed to be an evolving and collaborative project, adding new information/data as it becomes available, and serving as a resource to aid in evidenced-based decision making.

Borrowing heavily from the “wiki” concept, the “Waste Wiki” wants to remove the barriers surrounding access to data, research, analytical tools, etc. by serving as a common consolidation point for information pertinent to Canada’s waste management sector. It will be a resource for the sector to both draw from and build upon.

The “democratization” of research is something the university feels very strongly about. Every stakeholder, big or small, should be able to have access to the same level of support and technical assistance.

The long-term goal of the Waste Wiki is to serve as a conduit between academia and the broader waste sector, connecting the two areas in a way that is relevant, but communicating research in a way that accessible for everyone.