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Special to OWMA News
By Anthony Zambon, Wells Fargo Equipment Finance

According to the annual Top100 Projects report released by the industry magazine ReNew Canada, there is more than $186 billion invested in the biggest infrastructure projects currently under development in Canada. Ontario has the largest share with 36 projects, followed by British Columbia with 19 and Quebec with 15.

Investment in large infrastructure projects requires an increase in machinery and equipment (M&E) spending across various industry sectors, including the waste management sector. This also leads to a rise in the need for affordable financing to improve corporate profits.

The waste management sector is a capital-intensive industry with margins under pressure at all levels. The last thing anyone needs is a surprise increase in their cost of capital. If you haven’t thought about this part of your business lately, it’s a good time to start.

The Wells Fargo Equipment Finance quarterly newsletter provides key insights on the drivers influencing investment in infrastructure not only in Ontario, but also across Canada. Whether you’re looking for financing to purchase equipment, renovate facilities, or expand your operations, you will need to make informed decisions.

To do so, you need both quality information and an advisor who will take the time to listen and learn about your business and its growth opportunities, challenges, and operations.

Learn more in our Wells Fargo Equipment Finance Infrastructure Quarterly.