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Special to OWMA News

The Public Services Health & Safety Association (PSHSA), funded by the Ontario Ministry of Labour, supports all 444 municipalities in the province by providing training, consulting and resources to reduce workplace risks and prevent occupational injuries and illnesses. 

The PSHSA business model is based on the principle of reducing the cost of health and safety to our public and broader public sector clients, while at the same time increasing access and the amount of information available to our customers.

For many employers, the cost of health and safety education can be significant. The cost of travel and accommodation, the cost of the course and the time and replacement cost for the employee all add up.

In addition, when an emerging health and safety issue occurs or is identified, the cost of investigation and mitigation can also be significant.

PSHSA has focused on a five-step strategy to help you deal with the cost and impact of health and safety program development and training:

1.      Reducing costs through collaboration

2.      Self-Sustainability through our “Own the Program” option

3.      Understanding risks and taking steps to mitigate the risk

4.      Taking advantage of blended learning – combined class with eLearning

5.      Affiliate Program – Health & Safety content on your website for your workers and members

Lowering the cost of health and safety support, training and education is a priority of PSHSA. Improving access and availability of information and the development of blended and eLearning delivery modules have been shown to improve access and reduce costs. For more information on these services and solutions visit www.pshsa.ca.