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The Climate Action Reserve (CAR) plans to deliver the first round of proposed offset protocols to the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change this month as the government continues its efforts to create different policy tools to reduce greenhouse gas emissions not already covered in the province’s cap-and-trade program.

CAR, which was retained by the provincial government to take existing offset protocols and adapt them for use in Ontario, intends to provide the Ministry with its final proposals for landfill-gas capture and destruction, and the destruction of ozone-depleting substances on March 22. 

These protocols will serve as a set of rules that must be followed for companies to sell offset credits in Ontario’s cap-and-trade market, which is set to officially launch later this month.

The OWMA has collected feedback from our Climate Change Working Group members and submitted technical comments to CAR. As part our submission, we expressed serious concerns with the current limitations in the draft landfill-gas protocol. These limitations must be fixed to ensure that the protocol incentivizes continued investment in landfill-gas-capture projects.  

The OWMA has already communicated the association’s priorities on offsets to the government in response to a regulatory proposal that was posted on the Environmental Bill of Rights Registry late last year by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.

Our association has called on the government to minimize the red tape associated with offset registration and compliance; maintain a level-playing field between Ontario companies offering offset credits and businesses in other jurisdictions with fewer compliance and regulatory costs; and align offset and energy policies for waste management companies, such as Anaerobic Digestion facilities, which require access to renewable energy markets.