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The Ontario Waste Management Association has provided its submission to the government on the Changing Workplaces Review, Special Advisors’ Interim Report.

This voluminous report contains many different options for amending the Labour Relations Act and the Employment Standards Act that, if adopted, could challenge the competitiveness of Ontario companies working to create local economic growth and increase environmental protection.

The Special Advisors’ report considers proposals to restrict the use of temporary help agencies, bring back card-base certification for all sectors and introduce first and renewal contract arbitration.

The report’s options are numerous and far-reaching. It is believed that the government will introduce a bill early next year to amend the Employment Standards Act and then move to amend the Labour Relations Act. However, the government is expected to hold consultations on potential changes before tabling any proposed legislation.

Please, contact us if you have any questions about the review or would like to highlight additional concerns.