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The OWMA is challenging the Ontario government’s radical overhaul of how it assesses the value of landfill sites and taxes these properties throughout the province.

Despite providing little to no rationale, the government plans to carry out all of the recommendations made in a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers Report, including the creation of a new landfill tax class with ratios that will allow local governments to adjust taxation levels to what they deem as “fair.”

The Ministry of Finance has not fully explained how this tax class will be defined or how tax ratios will be set. Nonetheless, it is requiring that all comments on these proposed changes must be submitted by Nov. 10. PwC is then required to report back to the Minister with additional recommendations by Nov. 21. 

OWMA staff and members continue to meet with the government to highlight the consequences that creating this new tax class will have for Ontario taxpayers and businesses.

The changes, once fully carried out, will lead to higher costs for Ontario residents and businesses while setting a troubling precedent that could lead to other industries being targeted with similar taxes in the near future.

That’s why the waste management sector has been joined by steel producers, refining companies, the aggregates industry and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce in calling on the government to drop its plans to introduce a new tax class for landfills. 

Instead, the government should sit down with the sector to develop a fair, predictable and transparent valuation process.

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