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As the government prepares to proclaim the Waste-Free Ontario Act, producers have been holding discussions on what “individual” producer responsibility will mean for their business and how this new law will govern the operations of recycling collectives. 

The OWMA attended the Rubber Association’s Rubber Recycling Symposium in Niagara Falls on Oct. 6 where producers raised concerns with the wind-up of Ontario Tire Stewardship and the creation of an open market in which both producers and service providers can freely compete for recycling services and recovered resources.

The OWMA also attended the Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s roundtable on extended producer responsibility with Deputy Minister Paul Evans on Oct. 6 to discuss the transition of the province’s existing recycling programs into producer-responsibility initiatives under the Waste-Free Ontario Act.  

 Both events highlighted the growing unease among certain groups with the government’s transition to the Waste-Free Ontario Act and the need for greater clarity on the Environment Minister’s plans for the Blue Box and recycling programs for tires, electronics and household hazardous materials.

The OWMA’s workshop on Economic Freedom and the Circular Economy will serve to clarify many different questions that have come up for the past few months by bringing together an impressive line-up of speakers, which includes Ontario Resource Recovery Director Wendy Ren. For more information, visit OWMA.org/events