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Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) is clarifying its Generator Standard following discussions with the OWMA, Waste Diversion Ontario, the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, the Municipal Waste Association, and the Regional Public Works Commissioners of Ontario. 

OES is making an amendment to its Generator Standard that keeps the requirement for scale tickets to validate weights, but does not include a requirement for municipal collection depots to record the contact information of residents who are dropping off electronics for recycling. The wording of the amendment is as follows:  

With respect to Municipalities, existing ECA and residency requirements are sufficient to validate the material is Ontario sourced and collection of personal information is not required. 

 For the submission of claims for all generators, including Municipalities, OES will continue to require scale tickets to validate weights for bulk collected material.  Scale tickets must be from the originating site or any third party scale if the originating sites does not have a scale. 

After amending its Generator Standard, OES will provide an update to all of its primary processors. Currently, all municipalities have continued to participate in the e-waste program under their existing Generator Standard requirements. 

With this addition, OES is looking to get municipalities to sign off on the Generator Declaration to the revised Generator Standard by November 30, 2016.