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The City of Toronto is celebrating a new road mural with benefits that run beyond the surface. In 2021, a team of artists and surface coating specialists completed a colourful street painting in Leslieville to revitalize a popular thoroughfare.

The installation is part of the City’s Laneway Park-ing initiative, a “non-profit social enterprise” launched by local urban planners, designers, community members to bring local laneways “back to life. It also has the distinction of being Toronto’s first, full-coverage traffic-calming road mural.”

“Laneways have a huge amount of untapped potential,” The Laneway Project group writes at www.thelanewayproject.ca. “They can play a role in creating engaging, lively, and richly textured places where people want to live, work and visit.”

HSS2A lasting impression

This 90-metre- long pavement mural was made possible with StreetBond150 surface coating, an innovative and resilient surface coating material installed by Multiseal that enabled the Laneway Park-ing artists to then build upon it and make their mark.

“Whenever you can add colour and design to an urban setting, you transform it,” says Hub Surface Systems principal Doug Bain. The company supplies StreetBond to clients across Canada. “Now, the location has character. It’s now a place that feels different from your normal walk down your typical dull grey road.”

Designed not just to capture eyeballs, the road mural”  was created to make the laneway safer and more engaging for local students who use the path on their walk to school and for travellers who use the laneway to access neighbouring businesses and homes. StreetBond confers permanence for the artwork on a resilient, sustainable, and eco-friendly canvas.

“Giving the community art that will last is important,” Bain adds. “Traditional paints are not suited for the wear and tear that these spaces must endure.
“The StreetBond materials are purpose-built for such applications,” .

Feedback for the project has been overwhelmingly positive. Moreover, reps with The Laneway Project anticipates that the installation will last for years, thanks largely to the StreetBond base.

Bain believes the success of this laneway revitalization will encourage similar initiatives, and looks forward to showcasing the material in future community branding projects.

HSS4A growing portfolio

The Leslieville laneway is one of the many StreetBond show pieces. Since entering the market in 1992, the Canadian-invented surface material has been calming traffic, creating vibrant and interactive play spaces at schools, adding sparkle to community branding, and facilitating art in public areas.

“We first began using StreetBond in school playgrounds to bring in vibrant colours and games into an otherwise dull and grey environment,” recalls Haig Seferian, principal landscape artist with Seferian Design Group. “We found that while StreetBond product is best suited for new asphalt or concrete, many schools do not have the budget to re-install new asphalt. StreetBond 150 then becomes the perfect product to renew older asphalt and concrete areas.

“Revisiting projects from years ago is a pleasure because the product still looks great; it takes a ton of use and abuse, but holds up year after year.”

Read more about StreetBond and the other innovative systems at www.hubss.com.

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