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Tapping into the Smart Public Safety Beat

Trends, case studies, webinars, blogs, expert predictions and resources. The Smart Public Safety Beat is a new online initiative featuring all of the above, and more.

Launched by Motorola Solutions in April 2017, the content hub aimed at public safety responders in Canada and the U.S., helps arm officers with the latest knowledge and proven strategies shared by leading experts in their fields.

At a time when technology is moving faster than ever—when new tools, solutions, processes and software are being trialed and embraced across the industry—the Smart Public Safety Beat strives to access and share that relevant information so that officers far and wide can learn from their law enforcement peers.

Updated monthly, the site aims to address common policing issues and concerns, focusing on whatever trends are top of mind or making headlines at that time. First responders are invited to subscribe to the monthly newsletter and never miss a beat—or they can come back on their own terms to check into the latest public safety conversations whenever convenient.

Recent hot topics:

Roundtable: Four police tech experts gaze into the crystal ball and share their thoughts on what we can expect on the technology front fifteen years in the future.

Blog: How to build a successful body-worn camera program. A discussion surrounding the logistics, challenges, and benefits of implementing a BWC program in the pursuit of police transparency.

Webinar: Streamline the Workflow from Citizen to Call-taker to Dispatch

An on-demand webinar recording to help agencies improve their overall response time. You’ll hear from a seasoned PSAP professional about the steps agencies can take now to improve the speed and accuracy of their workflow.

Case Study: An in-depth look at how the city of Virginia Beach police, fire, EMS and the Sheriff's Office connected to improve response, awareness and lifecycle management with ASTRO 25 network infrastructure and APX radios.

Perspective: Insights from a Live Hacking Demonstration - why security patching is critical

Report: See the progress that 46 states and territories across the U.S. have made toward implementing NG911, text-to-911 and more, in the most comprehensive report about nationwide 911 services.

Guide: A free guide from PoliceOne.com to help agencies find the dollars they need to instigate a predictive policing program.

All this, plus countless blogs, Q&As, videos and detailed insight into the latest technology aimed at first responders. Visit www.smartpublicsafetybeat.com to tap into this growing online community and stay connected with your peers.

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