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Why Alberta Health Services turned to Business Intelligence for Public Safety

Alberta Health Services (AHS) provides emergency medical care and ambulance transport to the people of Alberta. Managing more than 500 ambulances and 400,000 medical events each year, the agency serves the major cities of Edmonton and Calgary, as well as surrounding metropolitan, suburban, and difficult-to navigate rural areas.

A Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure customer since 2009, AHS invested in Hexagon’s Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) after it transitioned under the provincial healthcare system. Having consolidated its 35 municipal dispatch centres, AHS was determined to achieve a coordinated, borderless and patient-centered system.

“We work in an environment where we’re regularly called on to respond to, support or refute media and politically-driven requests, claims and conjectures,” says Darrel Anderson, Senior Performance Strategist, System Performance and Improvement, Emergency Medical Services, Alberta Health Services, Edmonton, AB. “Prior to BI, we had to cobble the data and responses together from other sources knowing that if there is any inconsistency whatsoever, people will immediately call you on it. Thanks to BI, its rules and standardized reporting methods, we have confidence in the accessibility, timeliness and accuracy of our data and reports, all of which allows us to respond with greater authority and credibility.”

Why Hexagon’s Intergraph Business Intelligence for Public Safety

Hexagon’s Intergraph Business Intelligence for Public Safety offers many advantages over its competitors. These advantages include: advanced, cost-effective analysis and reporting tools, easy customization, advanced data security, and a user-friendly interface that makes the system easy to learn and use. 

“Hexagon’s solution gives users exceptional control over how they use the system,” asserts Chris Klimm, Principal Consultant. “Data is stored in a common repository, which is optimized for reporting both historical and near real-time operational information. Dashboards are easy for users at all levels to configure and manage.”

“Prior to Hexagon’s CAD and BI, we were working with hundreds of different providers so the data was not unified or accessible,” adds Anderson. “It’s now at our fingertips and virtually instantaneous.”

The Benefits

Hexagon’s Intergraph Business Intelligence for Public Safety offers an array of advantages, allowing agencies, both large and small, to:

  • Access and analyze critical data from I/CAD to make smarter operational decisions
  • Gain visibility into complex issues affecting system performance and resource utilization
  • Raise awareness about emerging issues and trends to support proactive planning, ambulance routing, and medical services delivery
  • Make accurate reporting available to non-technical personnel with easy-to-use reporting tools

The technology provides immediate access to information about response times, resource usage, and factors that impact performance. Web intelligence supports mobile access and self-serve reporting for managers across the province.

In fact, using Intergraph Business Intelligence for Public Safety, AHS has reduced the time required for various resource analysis tasks from hours to just minutes, enabling quicker decision-making. This will ultimately lead to better response times and reduced costs. The solution also helps maintain accurate records for government reporting requirements. This allows AHS to more easily justify expenditures and maintain citizen support.  With costs in excess of C$1 million to operate a single 24-hour ambulance, the efficient use of resources is critical and solutions like Hexagon’s are needed to help avoid or defer millions of dollars in expenditures.

Moving forward

Having experienced the advantages of Hexagon’s public safety technologies, AHS is investigating several areas of growth. These include new uses for current functionalities, linkage of additional dataset (e.g., telephony and staffing), and upgrades to the latest technologies as they become available.

“Agencies [like AHS] can make great use of real-time operational data now that the technology is out there,” says Klimm. “From monitoring how well their public safety responders and their dispatchers are doing, to seeing when there are slow-downs in response times or call processing, having that real-time data is not only beneficial, but expected in today’s fast-paced, digital world.”

To find out more, visit: hexagonsafetyinfrastructure.com.


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