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Law enforcement agencies today face increasing complexities in carrying out their core functions. To handle the challenges, more agencies are arming their frontline officers and I.T. staff with technology to achieve overall increased effectiveness and efficiency.

Take the case of the Coast Guard Investigative Service (CGIS) in the United States. This maritime investigative arm of the United States Coast Guard has nearly 500 agents based in the U.S. with others deployed in countries such as Panama and Bahrain. The agency investigates crimes such as drug smuggling, human trafficking and illegal ocean pollution.

Until recently, CGIS used a paper-based records management system (RMS). Agents emailed central headquarters with their case findings in password-protected Microsoft Word documents.

A case management specialist would review the cases and re-enter selected data into a Microsoft Access database and the originals were printed and filed.

Getting the metrics of a particular case could take up to a week between the review and approval process, notwithstanding the retrieval of specific information which then required data mining.

It's clear this method of records management required a lot of time and personnel yet, producing key metrics in an untimely fashion. 

In 2013 the CGIS looked for solutions to its inefficient records management system and in reviewing its options, opted for Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure's inPURSUIT WebRMS.

The web-based records management system uses secure browser RMS technology and can be deployed as an on-premise solution or in a cloud environment.

CGIS personnel and supervisors have seen benefits to operations in a number of ways:

Improved accuracy: no re-entering records into a database; reduced incidences of errors that can be challenged in subsequent court proceedings.

Increased access:  easy records retrieval through PCs at headquarters or remotely in the field on tablets with push notification updates.

Optimized resources:  easy access to actionable information for deciding office and staffing needs resulting in better management oversight.

Streamlined workflow:  no paper reports to print and file; no data mining of hard copies.

More agencies internationally are implementing web-based records management systems to improve the quality, timeliness, and availability of critical information. As a global provider of information technologies, Hexagon’s inPURSUIT WebRMS is considered a top software choice.

Capabilities and functionalities of inPURSUIT WebRMS include:

  • Customization and configuration utilities that ensure the solution can be simply configured to meet agency data capture requirements
  • Integration of either Hexagon or third-party computer-aided dispatch
  • Automated, real-time records alerts that can be sent within WebRMS, by email, or through other notification applications
  • Alert triggers to support variables across modules
  • Duplicate name or vehicle ID checks
  • Robust and flexible multi-agency configuration to support information sharing
  • Full CCJS UCR 2.2 compliance with integrated validation rules

inPURSUIT WebRMS is a premier suite of records management software that supports law enforcement operations by providing more timely and accurate information. 

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