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The Evolution of Body-Worn Cameras

Since body-worn camera technology was first introduced to the industry about a decade ago, we’ve seen considerable changes to how these devices look, feel, function—and even how they’re perceived. Not only are they lighter, more durable, and more reliable in terms of recording quality, but the industry’s acceptance of them has solidified, with most police forces today deeming them a critical part of their daily toolkits. In Calgary, for example, it is anticipated that by the start of 2017, all uniformed frontline members will be wearing them.

Gone are the concerns that once impeded their usage. Things like budget constraints, privacy issues, and the general resistance to already burdened field officers having to wear another ‘cumbersome’ system, have been addressed and subjugated thanks to improved designs and successful pilot projects. Now, sophisticated “wearable” devices with touchscreen user interfaces are capturing evidence with greater ease and securing the chain of custody through sophisticated cloud-based evidence management systems. No one is wondering about the challenges; instead embracing what has become a proven law enforcement solution.

Unified, Simplified, Smart

The Si Series Video Speaker Microphone from Motorola Solutions is designed with field officers in mind, putting ‘wearability’ at the top of the priority list. By integrating  a video camera and touchscreen into the remote speaker microphone (RSM) of the officer’s two-way radio, these body-worn camera systems are versatile and convenient, combining intelligent recording with best-in-class audio.  The Si500 features industry-leading ergonomics, with a 210° articulating camera and intuitive user interface. The carry holder, with swivel capability, enables flexible wearing positions on a tactical vest or uniform, purpose-built for fast attachment and removal. This enables officers to wear cameras in a myriad of ways depending on the scenario, without comprising recording quality. Sleek, rugged and feature-rich, the Si Series is paving the way for convergence by reducing the number of devices first responders must wear in the field today.

What makes these devices more wearable?
  • By integrating 3 devices into 1 (a body-worn video camera, touchscreen management system and remote speaker microphone), Si Series video speaker microphones are less cumbersome for field officers, while also being more discreet
  • A specially designed “carry holder” gives these devices more stability, and the officers more freedom to position the cameras in amyriad of ways, without comprising quality.
  • The articulating camera lens gives officers flexibility of camera location – and the ability to mount the device prominently (with the screen facing out) or discreetly (with the screen facing in)

Watch this short video for an insight into the design process:

You can also visit www.motorolasolutions.com/si500 for more information.


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