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How digging deep into data helps save precious resources

By now, we all know business intelligence applications offer tremendous benefits to organizations, and law enforcement agencies are no exception. Chris Klimm, Principal Consultant at Hexagon, is well versed in those very benefits given he’s been entrenched in bringing the technology to the forefront of the industry since 2008, when Hexagon’s Intergraph Business Intelligence for Public Safety product first launched.

“With this technology, we’ve gained the ability to see what’s going on—whether it’s at specific times of day, or in precise locations that are prone to instances,” he explains. “We are able to look deep into the data collected and identify those trends and patterns that can lead to overall improvements in an agency’s efficiency. This, of course, leads to savings.”

In short, the right business intelligence application can help agencies mine, monitor, and analyze massive amounts of public safety data and report the results almost instantly. Whether your agency is looking to improve public relations, increase response time, or streamline operations and communications, here are the three main reasons for turning to business intelligence:


In fulfilling day-to-day duties, police agencies generate an exceptional amount of data—but without the means to consolidate it from its various sources and make it accessible in one handy location, it is about as good as useless. Intergraph Business Intelligence for Public Safety helps amalgamate and transform transactional information into aggregated data that is much more conducive to reporting. Effectively mining that data helps agencies determine things like: how officer activity fluctuates by hour-of-day; where units are being deployed most often; and how (dangerously) fast those cruisers are going.

“Having data in one place and optimized to fit the specific needs of an agency generates real value and long-term savings,” says Klimm. “Budgets are getting smaller and smaller, and agencies are forced to live within the budgets they are given. If we can help them redistribute resources so they save two, three, four officers – we’re talking about saving over a million dollars a year by the time you count things like salaries, equipment, and training.”


Hexagon’s Business Intelligence products provide built-in analytics capabilities for I/CAD and inPURSUIT WebRMS, allowing users to quickly access, analyze, and report on operational data about calls, events, units, and more. But it also has the capability to integrate and analyze 3rd-party data. Relying on a pre-built semantic models, they can create and schedule pre-configured reports, perform ad-hoc analysis, and present data in easy-to-understand textual and graphical formats, which can be easily shared.

“Our solutions connect agencies with the mission-critical and business-critical data necessary to make better, timelier, and more informed decisions,” says Klimm.  “With our Business Intelligence products, users can access built-in tools to help improve operational planning, performance, and decision-making.”


Using Intergraph Business Intelligence for Public Safety products, analysts can compare current and past situations and determine relationships and trends. With real-time analytics, supervisors and command staff can conduct performance measurement and monitoring through intuitive dashboards. Agencies can provide the public with access to incident information. Predictive models can be developed to prevent and reduce crime in high incident areas, and traffic patterns can be analyzed so adjustments can be made to routes.

“Although we offer fifteen subject areas right out of the box, part of what we do is to sit down with the agencies and look at their specific pain points,” Klimm says. “We can help them determine why they are spending too much in one area and give them insight into how things might be done differently.”

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