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Wolseley Canada of Burlington Ontario has acquired AMRE Supply Company Limited of Edmonton. Wolseley is Canada’s largest HVACR wholesaler with 220 branches and AMRE is a 50 year-old company with 12 branches across the country in Richmond, Surrey, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, London, Windsor, Hamilton, Mississauga and Scarborough.

AMRE president Doug Swane and about 200 other employees will join Wolseley, and its branches will continue to operate under the AMRE brand for the time being. The acquisition means that AMRE will be part of a larger entity with more resources and can expand product offerings. For Wolseley it means filling in some service areas, learning from AMRE’s multichannel approach, and benefitting from its strong e-commerce platform.

Meanwhile Master Group this year continued to expand, acquiring Davies Branches in Alberta and Saskatchewan and opening new branches in Manitoba and Cambridge, Ontario. The Boucherville, Quebec-based group now has 41 branches in eight provinces, although 33 of them are in Quebec and Ontario. Plans include better representation across the country. The Davies acquisition means Master Group has hit the ground running in some of the western markets with functional existing branches and experienced personnel already in place.