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HRAI30102018bHRAI Wholesalers Division Chair, Rick Gosselin fromTML Supply is pleased to announce a recent appointment to the Wholesalers Board. Marc-André Girard of Pro-Kontrol will represent the region of Quebec along with Charles Abiad on the HRAI Wholesalers Board.

Marc-André is skilled in financial reporting, internal controls, portfolio management and valuation as you can see on his LinkedIn profile. In 2017 Marc-André Girard joined Pro Kontrol as V.P. Finance and General Manager.

His contact information is as follows:

Marc-André Girard, M.Sc, CPA, CGA, CBV
Pro Kontrol
Vice-President Finance, General Manager
1989 Michelin, Laval (Quebec) H7L 5B7
Tel :  450.973.5125   
Cel : 514.424.8593