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HRAI is known as the voice of the HVAC Industry across Canada, but how many Alberta Contractors, Designers & Building Officials are aware that HRAI’s Digest (comprised of the HRAI technical manuals) is referenced in the National Building Code?

What’s the connection to Alberta?
On November 1st, 2016, Alberta implemented the regulation for Energy Efficiency requirements for housing and small buildings under Section 9.36 of the National Building Code.  Anyone working in the Industry will now need to comply with the new requirements of Section 9.36 when designing a house.

There are many important components addressed in this part of the Building Code, and it is important for HVAC Contractors, Designers, and Building Officials to understand these components.  HRAI’s updated course material specifically addresses these new requirements.

How do HRAI’s Training Courses help Contractors and Designers incorporate these regulations into their everyday operations?

For the section pertaining to Building Envelope:   This is the separation between the interior and exterior environments of a building, comprising of its exterior walls, roof, foundation and slab-on-ground. The new Isothermal Planes Methods is used for the calculation of thermal resistance values for the materials and components. More stringent rules will now be used for the calculation of ventilation rate, air tightness and equipment selection.

HRAI has been teaching this new method of thermal resistance calculation in the Residential Heat Loss and Heat Gain Calculations Course (RHLHG) since 2015. In this course and manual, you will find three methods to calculate the effective thermal resistance values based on the Isothermal Method. 

For the section pertaining to HVAC:   Heating, ventilating and air-conditioning covers items such as ducting and piping, controls, ventilation and related equipment.

Learn about changes in HVAC related components impacting the Alberta housing industry by the adoption of Section 9.36 in HRAI’s Residential Ventilation and Air System Design Courses. These courses cover the proper design and install techniques required, insulation, sizing of ducts and how to design HRVs.

How does the new regulation adoption affect Building Officials in Alberta?

Design and floor plan submissions by contractors and designers may show different variables than what building officials are used to reviewing.  A basic understanding of the calculations and methodologies used through HRAI’s Exclusive 1 Day Building Officials Course will demystify the unknown.

For HRAI courses, call Angie Mantei at 800-2637-2231 x237, email amantei@hrai.ca or click on www.hrai.ca/hrai-training-courses to view HRAI courses in your area.

For HRAI Technical Manuals, call Raj Chinnappa at 800-267-2231 x259, email rchinnappa@hrai.ca or click on www.hrai.ca/technical-manuals to view HRAI technical manuals. 

For Building Officials looking to upgrade their skills, contact Muhammad Bilal at 800-267-2231 x223, email mbilal@hrai.ca or click on the link to visit the course description