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As reported by the Canadian American Business Council (CABC), tensions between Canada and the U.S. over tariffs show little sign of easing, even as pressures mount to resolve the dispute.  In December, Canada announced late that it would expand exemptions to steel and aluminum tariffs, responding to a request from the British Columbia construction industry, which depends heavily on imported metal. On the U.S. side, eight Members of Congress wrote to US Trade Representative Lighthizer to urge him to reach an agreement to lift the tariffs.

CABC also reports that tensions in the Canada/U.S. relationship around USMCA negotiations (CUSMA? NAFTA2? – even the name remains in dispute) are trickling down to U.S. border towns, which are claimed to see fewer Canadians shopping across the border

On a more positive note, CABC Executive Director, Scotty Greenwood reports that, despite the ongoing tensions, Canada and the U.S. (and Mexico) have made progress on other aspects of regulatory cooperation, having just before Christmas signed an environmental cooperation agreement that commits the countries to collaborate on a broad range of environmental issues, including reducing pollution; supporting strong, resilient, low-carbon economies; conserving and protecting nature, biodiversity, and habitats; and supporting clean growth, sustainable development, and sustainable use of natural resources.

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