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A new report produced by the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) shows why it will be crucial for the world to clean up how it does air conditioning. The authors found that switching over to energy-efficient and climate-friendly air conditioning units could save the world up to 460 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions over the course of the next 40 years. For context, that’s roughly eight times the amount of greenhouse gases the entire world emitted in 2018, as reported by tech website Gizmodo.com.

The article quotes Gabrielle Dreyfus, cool efficiency program manager at the Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development as saying: “If we deal with cooling wrong, we essentially cook ourselves.”  Cooling technology plays many important roles in our global society. The report estimates that worldwide, 3.6 billion cooling appliances, including refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioning units, are in use. As the climate crisis warms the planet, access to air conditioning will become all the more important.

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