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For Ontario HRAI members who are active in the province and whose work falls under the scope of Ontario’s boiler and pressure vessel (BPV) regulation, TSSA has issued a new boiler and pressure vessel code adoption document (BPV CAD) amendment, effective May 29, 2017.

The new BPV CAD amendment now adopts the latest editions of “B51-14: Boiler, pressure vessel, and piping code” and “B52-13: Mechanical refrigeration code”.

HRAI members in Ontario, whose work is regulated under BPV regulation, are asked to review and comply with the requirements set out in TSSA’s new BPV CAD amendment going forward.

TSSA’s new BPV CAD amendment (issued May 29, 2017) can be accessed using the following link:


Further information on the process that was undertaken by TSSA in development of this new BPV CAD amendment can be accessed using the following link:


For more information, contact Chang Lee at 1-800-267-2231 ext. 268 or e-mail clee@hrai.ca.