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When you get the call for an emergency repair or routine maintenance, talking about money can be the trickiest part of the job. Often, customers do not have the means to pay for the work with cash and they want an easy, budget-friendly way to pay.

For thousands of merchants across Canada, monthly payment plans are the solution. At Financeit, we build financing programs for home improvement professionals nationwide, providing cost-effective, hassle-free solutions to businesses and their customers.

Need a reason to offer financing? Here are three:


Money matters, and financing is not only a flexible and simple option but an affordable one too. Financeit’s interest rates are fixed (not variable), lower than the fees on most credit cards and don’t carry any hidden costs or sneaky terms. Monthly payments make the costs manageable for your customers, which, in turn, helps your business and grows your sales.

To sweeten the pot and close the sale, you can also give your customers a payment vacation by offering three or six-month no interest, no payments plans. These deferral plans work– in fact, recent data shows that 82 per cent of Financeit customers who were offered one of these options said ‘yes’ to the job.

While our standard program is completely free for businesses, deferral promotions start at just 1 per cent of the loan amount—less than the cost of swiping a credit card. In other words, what’s affordable for your customers is also cost-effective for you.


Financing should be as simple and hassle-free as possible so you can focus on getting the job done. As soon as you’re approved as a Financeit partner, you’ll have access to your login portal from any computer, tablet or mobile phone. You’ll also be connected with one of our account managers who will train you on our platform and answer your questions through every step of the process. Once you’re up and running, submitting loan applications is fast, easy and if you wish, completely paperless. Your customers will find out within seconds if they qualify for our financing programs, and if they do, you can get started on the work right away.

Some customers might not be comfortable sharing their personal financial details. To ease their worries and save you an awkward conversation, we also offer Financeit Direct, a direct-to-consumer application program. When customers choose this option, you send them a unique link and they can apply for financing directly through our system. Not only does this give your customers a little more peace of mind, it also saves you valuable time.


Our extended credit program means that more of your customers get approved for financing and you’re able to close more sales. Depending on the nature and cost of the job, Financeit customers have the option to extend their payment plans for up to 15 years, making monthly withdrawals more affordable. And, unlike with other types of loans, customers always have the option to increase their payments or pay off the entire balance.

However, flexibility for your customer doesn’t equal risk for your business. Once Financeit approves a customer, you get paid in full, meaning you’re not on the hook for the long amortizations you’re able to offer.


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