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Thermal metering, also known as BTU or heat metering, enables the measurement of energy used for heating and cooling individual units in a multi-residential building. Thermal meters are installed in buildings with centralized hydronic HVAC systems at the construction stage.

HRAI staff has received confirmation from the Senior Program Officer, Measurement Canada
Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada that plans are in the works to enforce a thermal metering regulation in Canada by 2026. Plans include creating and enforcing guidelines on how thermal meters qualify for installation, how thermal meters will be inspected and who will be certified to inspect them.  By 2021, all new installations must use approved meters, and all meter installations must be initially inspected.  By 2026, all unapproved meters must be removed from service. 

New installations will have to use an approved meter if one with suitable specifications is available. This will hopefully be by 2021, but may be earlier or later, depending on what meters are approved. A more detailed timetable and information on the status of already installed meters, and those soon to be installed, will be included in the upcoming bulletin to be issued by Measurement Canada.

Under the Weights and Measures Act the majority of the responsibility falls to the trader (i.e. the person using the meter in trade, which in most cases is the meter owner, but not always). Though some requirements relate to the device owner specifically.

Measurement Canada published the Terms and Conditions for the Approval of Thermal Energy Meters in March of this year. These are the requirements a meter will have to meet to be approved and are based on EN-1434, OIML R75 and C900. They can be found here:  https://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/mc-mc.nsf/eng/lm04902.html

A pilot program for the approval of these meters began in April. The bulletin describing it can be found here:  https://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/mc-mc.nsf/eng/lm04903.html

HRAI members who would like to receive updates related to these meters, can sign up to Measurement Canada’s mailing list, (using the “volume” list) found here:  https://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/mc-mc.nsf/eng/h_lm00467.html

Ultimately, the upcoming regulations will help to reinforce and add legitimacy to thermal metering in Canada. Regulations will improve the quality of meters and service, and help grow demand for thermal energy metering. The important thing for building managers and developers is to make sure they are choosing a partner that is already developing best practices in thermal metering.  For more information contact Caroline Czajko at HRAI, e-mail: cczajko@hrai.ca