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May 23, 11:00 am EST – noon

Don Buttrey will discuss the ploys that we all hear out on the front line and teach you how to sell a premium product and service at a premium price. Sell value!

Exposing 6 Ploys that will erode your margins: "Heads-up! Be defense-ready."

  • Price Ploys: “Your pricing is way too high.”
  • Loyalty Ploys: “We are happy with our present dealer.”
  • Competition Ploys: “Your competitor is cutting price. Match it or we have to go shopping.”
  • Help Ploys: “Help me look good on this initial order and maybe my boss will consider you guys for some big upgrades we have planned.”
  • Quality Ploys: “A Ventilation system is a Ventilation system. Everyone says their system is ‘better’.”
  • Time Ploys: “We are buried right now and I have no time to hear a sales pitch. Email me in a few months if you have to.” 

This webinar will provide you and your team with help to create a Defense PLAYBOOK and begin ongoing defensive drills practice so you can ACT – not react! Protect your margins.

Don Buttrey is the president of Sales Professional Training Inc. For more information check out his website at http://www.salesprofessionaltraining.com

Don can be reached at (937) 427-1717 or email donbuttrey@salesprofessionaltraining.com 

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For more information contact Sadia Zafar at szafar@hrai.ca or 905-602-4700 ext. 265