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Some members have been able to receive a large part of their HRAI certification training paid for through the Canada Job Grant. It might be easier to obtain than you think, but, you have to go through the process and plan your training, so you can take full advantage of the funding available.

Training planners can get started by visiting the website (link below) and clicking their way through the process. Each employee is allowed one grant per year, up to $10,000, which can include training fees, and travel costs. As you go through the process, you will find that companies with fewer than 25 employees are required to get assistance from a service provider.

The site provides a list and contact information for service providers in your region. Assuming you are seeking funding for an HRAI course, (we’re an approved training provider under the program) at some point in the process you will have to contact Angie Mantei  our Supervisor of Educational Programs to obtain our CRA number, official course description, costs, etc.

“Some people have used this program for the four main certification courses on the HRAI site,” says Angie. “I know at least a dozen employees from the Ontario region who have received funding through this program.”


To apply go to this link and start clicking through. There are quite a few steps, but they are easy. If you stick with it, you should be able to get something happening. Your future starts today!