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Over the past two weeks I have met with the HRAI staff, connected with each of the HRAI board members, attended the Ontario Skills Competition, was fortunate to communicate with a number of HRAI members both in person and though social media, attended a Refrigerant Management of Canada board meeting and have spoken with a number of other association leaders. In all I’ve been in direct contact with over sixty people; each interaction helps fill in a piece of the puzzle. Everyone has been welcoming and Warren has been especially gracious as he begins to slowly transfer over the reins of the President’s office.

As expected with any new role there is a steep learning curve and after two weeks I’m beginning to get a better sense of how HRAI operates and how things get done. While my background lacks direct HVACR experience I do bring a strong business acumen to the table coupled with significant board experience in the association area. Fortunately, HRAI has significant industry expertise both on staff and with its wide range of volunteers on its various boards and committees. I feel comfortable that the specific resources I will require are close by.

I’ve had an opportunity to work with the HRAI leadership team on a number of files and I’m happy to report that later this week we will be releasing the results of the fall membership survey along with a number of planned actions that come as a direct result of your feedback. It will continue to be our objective to listen to what you have to say and deliver against those requests. We are investing in our database and will be working diligently to build our actions around data collected over time. I realize it’s sometimes onerous to answer surveys and requests from HRAI but it is these data points that will allow us to serve you better.

On the strategy front, as we approach the end of our fiscal year we will be working on staff objectives for the coming year. Goal alignment will be a key objective ensuring that we avoid being busy for the sake of being busy but become laser focused on delivering results for members. More on that in a future post.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first two weeks at HRAI, the work is interesting, the board supportive and the people wonderful. I’m thrilled to be here and thank you for your early support.

Feel free to contact to chat anytime.  Sandy MacLeod, General Manager, smacleod@hrai.ca or 800-267-2231.