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The Atmospheric Fund (TAF) and the Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) recently released several research reports showing the energy savings of real-world heat pump retrofits in electrically-heated rowhouse complexes.  The focus of the analysis was on multi-unit residential building (MURBs) due to the fact that electric baseboards are the main heating source for 24% of such units in Ontario. This, and the fact that electrically heated MURBs either don’t have cooling systems or rely on inefficient window air-conditioners, means that significant opportunities are available for efficiency gains through heat pump retrofits. 

The research showed the heat pump retrofits reduced the total energy consumption of the rowhouse units by 19% to 32% during a typical heating season while providing a high level of comfort and customer satisfaction.  These are not astounding conclusions to industry personnel but may be influential in guiding policies designed to increase comfort and reduce energy use in MURBs.

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