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The Ontario government is investing an additional $3.5 million in Skills Ontario to increase their ability to continue to promote the skilled trades as a career opportunity for youth.  This is in addition to the $1.5 million invested in the organization early in 2020.

This funding is targeted to support outreach and promotion to youth, educators and parents starting in the primary grades and throughout secondary school.

HRAI supports this investment.  In its discussions with the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development over the past several years, HRAI has advocated for Skills Ontario to be designated to lead the promotion of the skilled trades sector.  This is an important additional step to assist with addressing the skilled trades shortage.  HRAI has been an active participant in the annual Technological Skills Competitions, organizing the Heating Systems Technician competition and now also the Refrigeration competition.  Skills Ontario has indicated that their approach to trades promotion will rely heavily on partnerships with organizations like HRAI to develop and implement sector-specific promotional campaigns.

HRAI looks forward to work with Skills Ontario directly regarding the needs of the HVACR sector.  Beginning to talk with young children in the early grades about the trades will help connect young minds to the numerous opportunities available.

For more information about this investment, click here.

Dorothy McCabe, Government Relations Specialist – Ontario, dmccabe@hrai.ca and 905-602-4700 ext 274.