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In September we invited current and past show exhibitors to an informational breakfast to share progress on the CMPX 2020 show and to gather feedback from exhibitors.

The agenda for the meetings was simple:

1. Opening Remarks (MacLeod and Suppa)

2. Introductions

3. Objectives of the Session
“To brainstorm amongst the CMPX exhibitors, ideas to increase the attendance from key segments of the industry at the 2020 CMPX show and generally raise the visibility of the show within the industry.”

4. Key Areas of Consideration

a) Determination of the key target audiences who should be attending the show.
b) New methods to reach/attract more attendees from the key target audiences.
c) Ways to have exhibitors and wholesalers and their staff actively engaged in the promotion of the show to their customers.
d) Potential new products and/or programs to raise the profile of the show in the industry and attract more attendees to the show.
e) Potential new directions and opportunities for the show based on market trends that will help to increase show attendance.
f) Other areas of consideration.

The purpose of the CMPX Exhibitor Breakfast was to create an in-person opportunity for Exhibitors to meet and talk to the Presidents of both HRAI and CIPH, the show manager and the marketing team.

Roughly 40 exhibitors attended the event.  The show manager reported booth space sales which are now 85% sold out, and on par with the previous show in 2018.  

We were pleased at the October 10th turnout and the good dialogue.

The following are the points we recorded, both from comments during the session and also some input sent to us after the event:

  • Target Market - top 3 attendee targets: contractors, engineers, developers
  • Students are the future of the industry – consider holding a Labour Fair for Millennials
  • Show App – list Product Categories and organize the CMPX Show App to help attendees locate vendors, plan a route through the show, receive push out notifications for show events and to attend Learning Forum sessions
  • Marketing - use social media channels to promote the show, work with and bring in industry influencers, more aggressively promote the New Products both online and at the show, invite VIPs, politicians and mass media outlets into the show
  • Advertising – revise the Advertising and Collateral materials to highlight the show features and focus on 2-3 benefits of attending the show. Make sure that it is well-targeted.
  • Advertising Opportunities for Exhibitors – opportunities to market in CMPX communications or to buy advertising in CMPX communications.
  • Increase the Admission costs – show greater value
  • Discounted Bulk Ticket Vouchers – have both a printed or printable ticket voucher, and also a digital or downloadable version for Wholesaler and Exhibitor distribution and to avoid line-ups 
  • Wholesaler Campaign - support Wholesaler members to run buses to the show for their customers from their branches.  Wholesalers could use bingo cards to get the contractors to visit their vendor booths.
  • Travel Packages - for contractors outside of driving areas, put travel packages together air/hotel/show ticket.  
  • Member Travel and Evening Events - HRAI and CIPH to offer member travel packages, evening events for members to attend.  
  • Skills Centre - schedule HRAI Skill Tech and CIPH training around the show in the morning then they can tour the show in the afternoon.  
  • Exhibitor Workshops during the Show – there is an opportunity for Exhibitors to hold workshops during the show - 24 rooms are available on the street level of the MTCC. Exhibitors can hold product knowledge seminars and other events
  • Learning Forum and “Brain Snacks” - Learning Forum sessions and new concepts for “Brain Snacks” were both well received. Use push notifications on the Show App to remind attendees of sessions
  • Contractors - make it easy for contractors to attend; how to drive more contractors to attend; give them a reason to come (incentives?)
  • Contractor Attendance at CMPX 2018 - there was a perception that there were fewer contractors in 2018. Sandy was able to present 2018 stats showing that the number of contractors was up by 8.6%. Sandy was also able to share that 65% of attendees are in fact contractors when you deduct students and exhibitors from the registrations, (See the charts below).
  • Location - evaluate other potential show locations, (i.e. near the airport)



In response to your input, we will undertake the following new initiatives:

Conduct a Location Review – we will send out a show location survey to gather further inpu
Audience Targeting – we will expand our targeted marketing efforts to attract more technicians as well as contacto
Wholesaler campaign – we will increase the support the show provides to the Wholesalers to bring more contractors to the s
Discount Bulk Ticket Vouchers – expand the availability of CMPX Discount Bulk Ticket Vouchers and make them easier to distribute and manage

Our thanks to all those who attended and who have taken the time to read this report.

Sincerely, Sandy MacLeod, HRAI and Ralph Suppa, CIPH