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Residential Retrofits for Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery

HRAI Joins Allies to Advocate for Investment in Residential Retrofits for Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery

HRAI joined several other associations under the Efficiency Canada banner to make a direct appeal via a letter to the federal government about the potential role of the “energy efficiency sector” in Canada’s economic recovery in the wake of the pandemic (to see letter, click HERE). The focus of this appeal is on the role of home energy retrofits in job creation.[1]

Now we need your help!

We’ve developed a one-click tool so you can send a letter to your local government representatives (MPs), inviting them to support investments and policies that increase energy efficiency and grow energy efficiency employment. Our sector, along with other industries focused on home energy efficiency (insulation, windows) can lead the charge on a clean, resilient, and durable economic recovery for Canada. We need to let our leaders know that the sector is here and ready to get to work on efficiency training, programs, and targets.

We’ve sent the message to all the relevant Ministers in the federal government about our industry’s readiness to aid in the drive to economic recovery, but this effort will be more effective if they are hearing the same from Members of Parliament across the country.

The process is easy. If you support this, simply add your name in the required fields and click send -- your message will be sent to your local federal and provincial representative. Feel free to tailor the letter as you see fit.

Send the message here


For more information, contact Martin Luymes at mluymes@hrai.ca or call 416-453-5899.

[1] HRAI will be making separate submissions concerning opportunities in the commercial and ICI building market.